America’s First Non-Profit American Made Certification Organization.

Who We Are

Solving your Certification needs


This is a service offering where we assess the current products & suppliers of a registering company and after thorough verification checks, we provide a AMCo Registration# and a PDF Certificate that this is a Registered American Made product.

Veteran Advisors and Management

AMCo Board of Directors and Advisors who have been in the industry supporting American Made organizations for decades. We created a Not for Profit Certification system to give the consumer confidence that a product is what it says it is.

Regular Monitoring

Periodic monitoring on a quarterly basis with photo & video proofs will keep the companies in check and maintain the certification adherence. Reminder notices will be sent for renewal.

State of the Art Technology

AMCo system allows companies to easily register through a series of steps, provide documentation securely and get their Registration# and pdf Certificate. These records will be stored and encrypted for the safety of suppliers data.

Organized Approach

Our staff has Standard and Producedures to handle the data and verify for companies the sources, raw material suppliers and products. Registration#’s and Certificates are then gernerated and the product will be listed in the network of American Made Ceritfied products.

AMCo Affordable Certification

AMCo offers affordable certification verification, $300 company certification and $100 per product, up to 10 parts. If parts to make your product are in the AMCo database as already certified, your product fee will be discounted 25%. If product has more than 10 parts, we will work with company on a reasonable estimate for product verification and registration.

What we Do


Your Privacy Matters

  • Complete Privacy of your data. We promise not to share any of your data to Marketers.
  • All your supplier data is kept in tact with end to end encryption to avoid any misuse.


Certified Partners

  • Partners, Business, Individuals & Governments can partner with AMCo™ through standard processes
  • Partners have the Trust of a Non Profit organization which is a medium for belief and trust of American Made Products.


48 Hour Turnarounds

  • With our Fast Track certification process, companies can instantly get certified for certain products/ vendor list in our Database.
  • Instant certification is possible for pre existing suppliers certified suppliers in AMCo™ Database.


Thorough Verification Checks

  • Proper verification checks are carried out on a periodic basis to ensure that materials, goods or raw materials are manufactured in America
  • Photos & Proofs are collected in the system to verify the authenticity of manufacturing in America


Cloud SSL Portal

  • Companies & partners have access to an application which will help them apply, renew & download certificates any time.
  • Portal has high standards of data encryption and hosted on AWS for protecting user's data.

Our Vision And Mission


To create the confidence in the American consumer that when they see an American Made Certified Emblem, or US Flag on a product, good, or service, they will know that it has gone through a process of verification without prejudice or persuasion.

As Underwriters Laboratory is to the electrical product safety industry, American Made Certified will be to the American Manufacturers and Consumers – the gold standard for verification that a product is what it says it is without influence by a Not For Profit certifier.


To build, foster, and develop the interest in supporting American Manufacturers for the betterment of our countries economic future, our ocean and atmosphere's protection, and protection of workers abroad from US and Global Corporations exploitation.

American Made?
Guiding Principles
  • Expand awareness about American Made Certified to increase confidence with consumers when they see the American Made Certified Emblem and US Flag.
  • Responsibly manage a thorough database of American Made Certified companies with the American Made Certification process.
  • Be transparent in operations through collaborative discussions, communicating, networking and education in our strategic partnerships.
  • Execute and deliver a business model that supports financial sustainability.


Supporting American Made products puts Americans to work!


Supporting American companies who manufacture and make products reduces CO2 from container ships crossing the ocean! It's just GREEN!


We will work with your company to provide transparency to the consumer that you are an American Made Supplier!

Executive Board and Advisory Board

Lisa Sievers – Executive Director and CEO

Former product manufacturer; foam antenna balls and led light bars – American Manufacturer, software developer, electrical contractor.

Joel Joseph – Director of Government Affairs

Founder and Executive Director of Made In USA Foundation, 25 years, attorney.

Venetia Young – Director of Business Development

Former Entrepreneur, Apple, Inc. Business Specialist, Substitute Teacher.

Ranjeeta Pal – Director of Finance

CEO of Accurate Accounting Services, Entrepreneur

Meet Our Team

We want to get to know you. You tell us and we listen. We want to support American companies supporting American workers!
We are dedicated to providing the consumer confidence that a product with an American Flag on it is what it says it is, American Made!
You will know because it will have a registration#, and certificate showing it has been verified!

Lisa Sievers Executive Director and CEO
Joel Joseph Director of Government Affairs
Venetia Young Director of Business Development
Ranjeeta Pal Director of Finance

Coffee's Drunk


Working Hours




New Ideas

Our Process


Complete Company Application online, email, or mail. You will receive Application # to revert to throughout process.

  • Via secure server submit products, description docs
  • Submit pics, submit Raw Material Data and supply company data
  • Sign an approval for us to contact your suppliers
  • Pay registration fee, be available for inquiries from us


We begin process of verification in contacting factories, suppliers, sources of material and parts for your products. The utmost security for confidential company information is kept.

  • We contact factory/suppliers, verify, issue them a Registration#.
  • Log them into the AMCo database.
  • Gather documents and support for the American Made parts
  • We will have a notary verify the documents
  • We will review with you all documents and verification
  • Calculate % of American Manufactured, American Made or American Assembled that your products are. Review our findings.


We issue Registration#, pdf Certificate with percentage (%) of American Made your product is with a QR code

  • You download Certificate for use
  • You are added to database as an American Made Supplier
  • You can log into your account and update changes in status; company, parts, assembly of your products.
  • You will be sent notification for annual renewal 30 days in advance
  • Renewal fees are $250 unless parts/products have changes.

Latest News

We are focused on providing the consumer the confidence to know when
they see an American Flag on a product, that it is American Made!.

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President Trump has made American manufacturing a top priority

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We are focused on providing the consumer the confidence to know
when they see an American Flag on a product, that it is American Made!

We are in the process of creating a robust automated and highly secure Certification application. Please sign up for our updates! Thank you.

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